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Countertop Edges: The Different Types of Countertop Edges and What You Need to Know


Your countertop is one of the most used items in the kitchen.  In comparison to all of the other decisions that are made during home remodeling, choosing your countertop edge may not seem high on the list of functionally important items, but it should be.  In addition to countertop material, the edge will affect daily functionality.  There are numerous countertop edges; we’ve listed the five most common countertop edges below and the pros and cons to each.

Squared:  The boring name of this countertop edge is deceptive since the…

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2013 Kitchen Remodeling Trends


Perhaps the biggest change to hit kitchen remodeling in recent years is the simpler, sleeker look coming over from Europe.

fewer wall cabinets — usually replaced by open shelving less ornamentation, including on cabinet doors, which are now often a simple slab. Proportions are tending toward the masculine; becoming “squarer, thicker, chunkier, and more architectural. To offset the bolder scale, finishes such as painted cabinets and marble countertops are “staying more feminine.”


Open-concept kitchens have been popular for some time, but the older homes in…

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