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3 Design Elements For Concealed Kitchen Appliances

Jan 11, 2017 2 min read

Appliances are without a doubt what makes a kitchen functional, in its truly intended form. Each one can even be visually appealing. However, combined with all the other items in your room, they can outright hamper the space, both physically and visually. What can be done about all these elements cluttering up the aesthetic? For the perfect luxury kitchen answer, we give you: Concealed Kitchen Appliances!



Built-In Appliances

kitchen island built-in appliance

One handsome solution is with built-in appliances, having your appliances set flush inside the wall or within a kitchen island. This can be done by recessing a cubby space into an existing surface or essentially building the surface out to wrap around the appliance. Much like enclosing a television behind doors in an entertainment center, this essentially envelopes and frames an appliance to match the rest of your cabinetry while housing other storage. This added space opens up other options for helping keep other items organized and out of sight.



Appliance Garages

concealed appliance garage

Exactly as it sounds, an appliance garage is a perfect home for storage and functional items to be tucked away behind the facade of a finished door or panel. Go with double doors to create an espresso station or a folding door for other plugged-in appliances. Many of our luxury kitchens have built in microwave drawers. This serves dual-purpose, concealing a potential eyesore and creating an ergonomically accessible design.



Paneled Appliances

paneled appliance

Another common way to implement the built-in look is with paneled appliances, creating a cohesive seamless kitchen design from cabinet to appliance. This makes for a luxurious finished product, making the space appear larger without conflicting finishes or surfaces. Imagine a countertop or butcher block top that slides away to reveal your beautiful cooking range! Get a new face for your appliances’ exposed surfaces to seamlessly coordinate with the rest of the room. These design elements all work together for a clean, open design to fit any layout, be it contemporary, modern, more opulent, or more minimalist.



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