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5 Tips To Help You Get The Contemporary Look You Want

Jun 8, 2016 3 min read


Everyone has their own specific style.  From how we dress to how we decorate our homes, our style is stamped on just about everything.  Whether it’s a dated fixer upper or a brand new home right off the market, there’s always room for a fresh new look. Many homeowners are opting for a more modern and contemporary look in their homes. Just how can you achieve a contemporary look in your home?



A Contemporary Stylecontemporary look

A contemporary look in your home means smooth forms, strong lines, and minimal accessories.  Many people tend to mix certain styles creating something, well…one of a kind. To reach a clean modern look in your home there are specific things you’ll want to consider changing.


 Here are five tips to consider to achieve a contemporary feel in your kitchen:

  1. Stainless steel appliances: Replace dated white or black appliances with energy efficient stainless steel options.  Not only will this immediately update your kitchen to more of a contemporary look, it will also save you money on your energy bills.  There are also newer versions of stainless steel appliances hitting the market that offer greater ease of cleaning  than the stainless steel of the past.  Win, win!
  2. Colorful Cabinets: All of the home improvement shows today show homeowners going for white cabinets in the kitchen and bath.  Most homeowners immediately associated this trend as contemporary.  However, a real contemporary style would opt for bold, bright colors that make a strong statement.
  3. Flooring: Long gone are the days of linoleum in the kitchen.  Trending now in kitchen flooring is resilience.  This room takes a beating with the most traffic of the entire home.  You can’t go wrong with wood, stone, or tile.  There are even new options for tile that actually mimic the look of hardwood floors without the upkeep.  For a real contemporary look, consider concrete floors!  They are durable and can be made into just about any color you can imagine.
  4. Lighten Up:  Those old brown lampshades (that were once white) aren’t going to cut it in a contemporary kitchen.  Consider going a bit outside the box when it comes to lighting.  A large round but simple chandelier above the kitchen table or clear glass pendants above an island will help to pull together a contemporary feel.
  5. Open Up: You may have to take down a wall or two or maybe just clear out some furniture, but just do it!   Kitchen spaces that are open to spaces like the living and dining rooms are completely on trend and allow for a great flow for entertaining.  Don’t get stuck in the kitchen alone while your guests mingle in other rooms.  Be part of the party!


Whether it’s adding new lighting or just changing the color scheme in a room, there are plenty of ways to put your outdated kitchen to bed and bring on a more contemporary feel.   Ready to get started on a new contemporary kitchen?

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