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5 Great Ideas To Improve The Functionality Of Your Kitchen

Aug 17, 2016 3 min read

If you’re remodeling your kitchen or just need it to be more efficient, functionality should be in mind. You don’t even have to sacrifice the character and design of your kitchen with these upgrades. Regain your love for cooking again with these simple tips!


Dim lighting in your kitchen can be hard on the chef (and even dangerous) but will also make your kitchen seem less inviting. Make sure your kitchen has adequate lighting which you can fix by installing pendant lights (which will add a great deal of aesthetic and functionality) or even consider adding under-cabinet lights so you can see what you’re preparing/cooking.

Hanging Pots and Pansstorage solutions

Is it impossible to find a pan in your cabinets because of clutter? Consider installing a hanging frame so you can hang pots and pans right above your counter top. The ease of access will save you a lot of time in the kitchen and you can enjoy the luxury that’s equal to cooking a meal in a fine Parisian restaurant for all your extravagant dinners!

Rugs and Mats

Your kitchen will either be hardwood or tile which you most likely adore and cherish but maybe you want some more visual interest? Think about getting a rug or mat for your kitchen, especially for the sink or the stove. Not only can this add color and pattern to your kitchen but it has the added benefit of creating more comfort and stability between you and the ground. Now you won’t have to worry about slipping on wet tile!

Drawer Dividers

We are all guilty of having at least one messy drawer but there is a simple and cost effective solution to drawer organization. Drawer organizers will keep utensils and tools where they need to be and keeps your drawers from becoming too cluttered. They can be picked up super cheap at your local Ikea or just about any other home store.

Trash the Bags

Instead of continuously buying ziplock and freezer bags, consider hard containers. These kinds of containers like Tupperware or other variants are easy to store and are more eco-friendly as well! Hard storage is also ideal for your non-perishable items such as flower or sugar and you also won’t have to worry about a bag breaking and leaking into your cabinets.

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