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A Little Light Goes A Long Way

Jan 19, 2016 4 min read

Shed A Little Light On Your Kitchen Remodel

We don’t think twice before we flip on the switch and turn on the light in a room, including the kitchen. Did you know that lighting is one of the most important finishing touches of a room, however? Mediocre, builder-grade lighting keeps a room’s true potential limited. However, lighting that showcases a room’s features in all the right ways can turn an average room into a true showpiece. Expand your kitchen’s potential to the fullest by following these tips to truly illuminate the space.

Lighting 101:

There are four main types of kitchen lighting:

  1. Task: Lights up workspaces such as countertops or food pantry shelves.
  2. Accent: Think of this as a spotlight in the room to highlight certain features of the room. Recessed adjustable lights and track lighting are examples of accent lighting.
  3. Decorative: This is the real showstopper and attention grabber of the room that adds character and personality. Chandeliers and wall sconces are examples.
  4. Ambient: Gentle light that provides an even base layer of light throughout the space. This can be achieved through can lighting, pendants, or opaque wall sconces.

No matter the size of a room, all four layers of light mentioned above can be incorporated and SHOULD be incorporated to provide a balanced, functional, and pristine lighting experience. Leaving out one or another will leave the room lacking the maximum “wow factor” that is achieved by having a nice balance of all four layers.

Open Concept = Similar Fixtures

Homes nowadays are much more open concept than before. If your kitchen is melting into an adjacent family room or dining room, it is important that the lighting fixtures are relatable but not necessarily matching. If all of the fixtures in adjacent rooms are brushed nickel, for example, you will want your kitchen fixtures to be the same finish but not necessarily the exact same style.

A Little Light Goes A Long Way kitchen lighting

Bigger Is Better!

Tiny pendants hanging over an island are a thing of the past. Larger, overscaled lighting fixtures have taken over. Consider either one or two larger pendants over an island as opposed to several smaller pendants.

Think Outside The Oval

Traditional oval fixtures are also being phased out and are being replaced by more modern rectangular box-shaped or drum-shaped lighting that make the room feel current.

Light Up Your China

Homeowners are moving towards a more open experience in the kitchen, and this includes being more open with china and dishes. Glass-front cabinets that allow guests to see the china are lit inside adding an extra dimension of warmth and personality to space.

A Little Light Goes A Long Way

Think High And Low

Both under cabinet and under counter lighting is a big trend in kitchen lighting. Adding lights under lower level cabinets sets a warm mood to the room and also serves as a nightlight for those late-night trips to the refrigerator for a snack. Similarly, adding under counter lighting helps to illuminate drawers that are opened in the dark at night as well without having to light up the entire room.

Lighting is a vital component to your kitchen and cannot be overlooked or shortchanged. By working with a professional kitchen designer at Kitchen Kraft, you will be able to make wise choices that will blend together beautifully and create a true masterpiece in your home’s heart. Take your kitchen from average to awesome with a little illumination!

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