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Adding Personality To You Kitchen

Oct 5, 2016 2 min read

When remodeling or redecorating a home, it’s easy for homeowners to fall into design mode, and leave out their own touch of personal flair. Your home is your home and even though it’s nice to create a modern chic look or rustic old world character, it’s more than okay to add some of your own personal touches.

Personal Collections As Decorating Accents

Whether you have crazy looking salt and pepper shakers or an extensive china glass collection, funky odds and ends can add accents and a bit of you to your kitchen. Catalogs are great for furnishing your space, but collections or unique figurines are great as a centerpiece or focal point on a counter or in glass window cabinets.

Decor That Fits Youcharacter in your kitchen

Kitchen walls are often not utilized as much as they could be. Hanging small pieces and art can easily add character to your kitchen and gives your walls some extra depth and visual interest. Add some seasonal decor like a festive runner or counter-piece for some easy holiday decoration. There are plenty of holidays coming up in the next couple of months so why not start here!

Functional Decor With Personality

Tools and appliances can make great spotlights as decor, too! Maybe you’ve got a state of the art, professional barista espresso machine — make that a focal point! If you love to use a certain something in your kitchen you should take pride in it and incorporate it into the design; it will show people your interests and your tastes in ways a paint color can’t. There doesn’t have to be a specific reason to decorate. Use each day as a means to express yourself throughout your home.

Never be afraid to add your own character to your kitchen. If you want to do some professional design or remodeling for the perfect aesthetic, give Kitchen Kraft a call: (614) 449-7200.



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