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Change Your Kitchen Design Decor To Fit You

May 4, 2016 5 min read

No home can go without one.  Prospective buyers want it to be new and sparkly.  As a family, you probably spend the most time there than any other room in the house.  You guessed it: the kitchenThe kitchen is arguably the most important room in a home.  It is where holidays are celebrated, algebra is mastered, vacations are planned, and families come together to begin each day.

Being such an important space, you want your kitchen to truly represent you and your family.  That is easier said than done, as you are flooded with so many ideas and inspirations for your kitchen that you often lose sight of what you really want your kitchen to be.


Does The Heart Of Your Home Reflect You?

Would you call yourself a tech guru?  A foodie?  Perhaps an introvert?  Maybe the life of the party?  Whoever you are, you want your home’s style to match your own. Just like you wouldn’t be comfortable dressing in a totally different style, you probably wouldn’t be comfortable in a home that wasn’t your style.

Consider these kitchen styles and how they can complement your personality:

  • Cottage: Do you love intimate meals with a few close friends?  If so, the cottage kitchen might fit you perfectly.  This style is charming and inviting with soft colors, white cabinets, a farmhouse sink, and open shelving.  If you have an old soul, set it free in this kitchen by indulging in flea market finds to add even more vintage charm.
  • Traditional: If you prefer things to be simple yet detailed at the same time, then a traditional kitchen might be your best fit.  This kitchen will have unique architecture.  Neutral colors keep things grounded and there is generally lots of space to work and move around.  A traditional kitchen is a good choice for anyone who clings to the conventional look.
  • Industrial:  Are you a hipster up on all things modern and cool?  Then an industrial kitchen might be the perfect fit for you.  Exposed brick walls, chalkboard paint, mismatched furniture, bold colors, concrete countertops, and metallic backsplash are all features of this up-to-the-minute style that will match your skinny jeans to a T.
  • Eclectic:  Can’t decide who you are?  Maybe an eclectic kitchen that is a melting pot of many different styles will suit your taste.  For those that just refuse to be cast into any mold, this style is a fresh mixture.  Anything goes!  Mix traditional white cabinets with an industrial concrete countertop, a farmhouse sink, and vintage furniture to make a statement that speaks many languages.


Bring Out Your Personality In Your Kitchen Design

However you classify yourself, you want your unique traits to shine through in your home, especially in the kitchen.  Here are a few helpful tips that may help with that:

  1. If you are a foodie, consider splurging on high-end major kitchen appliances like a vent hood, oven, and refrigerator.  You are going to use them, so they might as well go the distance.  Also, consider a safe, organized storage spot for knives.  Good chefs know that knives are an essential tool of the trade, so be sure they are easy to get to when you need them.
  2. Are you a technology addict?  Create a high-tech kitchen space by indulging in the latest and greatest tech gadgets for the kitchen Think about adding a charging station under the cabinets to keep all of your devices powered up in one spot.  An iPod stand will make following those online recipes much easier too.  Craving more technology?  Samsung makes a refrigerator with a Wi-Fi enabled LCD screen that will actually order pizza if you can’t find anything to eat!
  3. Art lovers can easily infuse their personality into a kitchen space by allowing the artwork to take center stage. Consider adding a mural to the ceiling to add visual interest.  Bold, colorful artwork can help to break up an all-white kitchen.  Purposely avoid upper cabinets in some locations to allow for more wall space to add your favorite pieces of art.
  4. If you have a green thumb, you can easily incorporate this passion into your kitchen space.  Hanging herb gardens mounted to the wall can not only add a burst of color but can be very functional in the kitchen as well, allowing easy access to fresh herbs while cooking.  The kitchen is also a great spot to add pots with live plants and fresh flowers for a splash of color and great scent.


Make It Your Own!

You will spend more time in the kitchen than in any other room in your home.  Feeling like yourself in that space is crucial.  It’s not always easy to identify the personality traits that you may have, let alone bring those out in a kitchen design.  Let the certified kitchen designers at Kitchen Kraft help bring the best of you into your kitchen!


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