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How To Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

May 11, 2016 3 min read

Stainless steel appliances look great….until someone touches them.  For about 2.5 seconds each week your kitchen looks brand new with glistening appliances, and then you breathe and they are dirty again.  With just a few seconds and a great cleaning product, however, your appliances can be revived in no time.


 Pick The Best Cleaning Product For Stainless Steel

  • Thinking inexpensive? Consider a solution of 1 teaspoon of dish detergent and 1 quart of hot water.
  • If you prefer au’ natural, vinegar and mineral oil can do the trick.
  • If you like “easy does it”, go for a product such as Weiman stainless steel cleaner.



 Easy As 1, 2, 3How To Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

A quick clean with any of Weiman’s stainless steel cleaning products can eliminate little hand prints and bring a twinkle back to your kitchen.

Following these steps will have the work done in no time:

  1. Remove sticky or dried spots (like that 5-day old ice cream or the yogurt your little one flung across the room) using a damp kitchen pad with soft on one side and a scouring pad on the other.  Note: Before using the scour side be sure to test first on an inconspicuous area of your appliance to be sure it does not scratch).
  2. Dry completely.
  3. Use one Weiman stainless steel cleaner wipe and wipe down your appliances, being sure to follow the grain of the stainless.  It’s just like polishing your car! Note: If using Weiman spray instead of wipes, be sure to use sparingly.  A little goes a long way here.
  4. Enjoy the renewed beauty of your appliances!


As if Weiman stainless wipes don’t make it easy enough to keep your appliances sparkling and new, they also work on just about anything stainless including faucets, stainless steel sinks, and even your grill.  Talk about a versatile product!



 Cleaning Kitchen Appliances – Tips Of The Trade

  • Be patient with your appliances.  Stainless steel will actually show fewer fingerprints over time.  Just like a fine wine, your appliances get better with time.  In a few years, you should actually have to clean them LESS!
  • Go with the grain.  Just like wood, stainless has a grain.  Going with the grain (either horizontal or vertical) will help your appliances to clean up better.
  • Stick with the same cleaning product.  Mixing a variety of cleaning products on your appliances will make it much harder to keep them clean.
  • Do NOT use a stainless steel cleaner on pots or pans or any surface where food is prepared, as these products are not safe for consumption.
  • Do NOT use silver polish to clean stainless steel appliances, as these products will corrode stainless steel.


Have you not yet hopped onto the stainless steel train?  What are you waiting for?  A Kitchen Kraft certified kitchen designer can work with you to incorporate a new stainless steel appliance package into a stunning new kitchen to match.  Kitchen Kraft can give you a kitchen you will WANT to keep clean….and cook in, eat in, and enjoy life in!


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