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Design Tips For Super Small Spaces

Sep 21, 2016 3 min read

It’s incredible how innovative someone can be when designing for a small space. Check out these two Colorado natives who turned an old bus into a livable space on HGTV. Maybe you don’t live on a bus or in a converted freight car, but you might live in a small city apartment or have a space in your home that isn’t quite big enough. All it takes is some hard work and creativity to make a livable space out of anything and here’s where you can start:

Storage Space

The first step to making a small space do more is to re-think your home’s storage. Bulky dressers or cabinets are not going to be doing a small room any favors but there is a ton of space to utilize as storage — you just need to know where to find it.

Find empty space right under your furniture, like a couch or a bed. Pick up some small drawers that could potentially fit under your bed or even some baskets which you could store away.

Multi-Functional Roomssuper small spaces

You don’t have to put a fold out bed in your kitchen, but making a room multi-purpose can consolidate a lot of space. If you have a small apartment, think about incorporating the living room and the dining room with a high top table against a wall or even by ditching the coffee table and using small side tables to save space. Utilize small nooks within a room by placing a small desk for a cozy home office.

Comfortable Living Area

It really is best to embrace the space your home provides, so play to its advantages. Don’t make the amount of space the focal point of a room. Instead, make the furniture center the focus of your space.

Incorporating a normal size couch into a small living room can invite people to use the space and make a more intimate atmosphere. If you have a tiny bedroom, make the bed the focus of the room which will show off the utility of the space and give the room a cozy character.


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