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Everything You Need to Know About Microwave Drawers

Sep 15, 2014 2 min read

There are many reasons to remodel a kitchen.  Here at Kitchen Kraft we often hear homeowners say they need more counter space or storage.   The microwave drawer is a great way to save on counter space and can be a great addition to any kitchen remodel.

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Where to install a microwave drawer?  Some homeowners like to have them tucked away in the island while others prefer to have them installed along the perimeter cabinets.  Remember the kitchen triangle and think about how it would work in your everyday kitchen practices.   While they are not “deep” drawers, depending on your height they may seem low.  Many people are concerned that they constant bending would be difficult on their backs. Some homeowners install them just below counter level, placing drawer at or around hip height, which means you can pick up items out of the drawer without bending over.

Above the range microwave units are not for all of us.  OTR units are high and they have a door, which can be hard for our left-handed friends.  A microwave drawer can be safer for checking temperatures or stirring food without having to remove the container.

If you have small children that like to help with the cooking process, a microwave drawer is a good way for them to feel included.  Plus they can make their own meals.  It is safer than them using an above the range unit or the stove.  Check for safety features so that very small children do not hurt themselves or place items in the unit.

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