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Getting The Best Kitchen Lighting

Jul 18, 2016 3 min read

Good kitchen lighting is not always common. Though frequently overlooked, Kitchen Kraft exceeds industry standards in this field. Before jumping in and getting excited about the many lighting possibilities, it’s important to take the function of your kitchen into consideration.

• What’s most practical?

• What will highlight your layout’s best features?

• What is your room’s traffic flow?

Laying out all of the possibilities is essential.  Brighten up your kitchen with some of these stylish lighting ideas:

Task LightingKitchen lighting

Often referred to as under-cabinet lighting, this essential element is a crucial tool to illuminate those prep areas. Many types of bulbs are available, and with our expertise, you can be sure that everything will be installed correctly.

Pendant Lighting & Chandeliers

Pendant lights or chandeliers are another consideration for elevating the ambiance. Over an island is a great place to implement such lighting. This specific type of lighting is great for décor. Lighting is important for function and decorative design features.

We consider many variables for hanging lights:

  • Types of bulbs
  • Fixture wattage
  • Accessibility to the switches
  • Your preference of switch type: 3-way, single pole, or dimmer switch
  • Height at which the fixtures should be hung
  • Length of chain or wire
  • Room visibility

Kitchen Kraft ensures that there is no guesswork as we document data before we design anything.

Puck Lighting

A small puck light inside of glass paneled wall cabinets can illuminate your glassware, stemware, or collectibles. There are many different types of these small lights as there are many types of cabinetry

The Kitchen Kraft showroom has many decorative lights on display and plenty to choose from.

Having these lights inside of the glass cabinets is a must for any luxury kitchen lighting package.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can accentuate the overall detail in the kitchen space. Whether it be 4” can lights or 6” can lights the amount, spacing, and type of bulb is critical and should be taken seriously. Too little lighting will make prep difficult and too much could be too bright for some spaces.

You can have a warm yellow light, a bright white light, a soft sky blue light and everything in between with the many different color bulbs. Color will depend on the kind of atmosphere you want to create and how much space you have to work with. Discussing these details with one of our contractors will get you the perfect results you are looking for.

Working with Kitchen Kraft will clearly outline your new lighting design. It is our job to make sure that every need is met and every corner is designed beautifully.

For more information on lighting contact Kitchen Kraft at: (614) 389-9416

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