Holiday Kitchens’ Coffee Table Book


Holiday Kitchens Coffee Table BookOne of the best tidbits of advice we can give about making your dream kitchen a reality is to really take the time to think about your design. The kitchen is the most multi-faceted and, if successful, accommodating room in a home, serving a plethora of purpose, function, and beauty. The grand design doesn’t come all at once for a homeowner and discovering the many needs your perfect kitchen should fulfill takes time and inspiration from many sources and comes in many forms. One of the best sources for said kitchen design inspiration? The recurring Holiday Kitchens’ Coffee Table Book!


Kitchen Design Inspiration Galore In Holiday Kitchens’ Coffee Table Book

Over time and sometimes in small doses, some things just hit you while you’re cooking or hanging out in your kitchen, researching, or just going about your day. Each “Aha!” moment offers another perfect element for your kitchen’s design.

  • “If we moved things, this would be the perfect place for a kitchen island.”
  • “How can we hide our appliances where we can also use them?”
  • “We could fit everybody in here during the holidays if we removed this wall.”


The Best of the Year’s Kitchen Designs End Up in Holiday Kitchens’ Coffee Table Book

Along with style and charm, you can find just about everything Holiday Kitchen’s Coffee Table Book. Luxurious artistry, custom cabinets, hardware and materials, opulent countertops, the latest technology and appliances… all with the best in craftsmanship and design. Among many top kitchen designers, Kitchen Kraft is honored to be featured in Holiday Kitchens’ Coffee Table Book 3rd and 4th Editions.


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