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Incorporating Storage Solutions In Your Kitchen

Jul 6, 2016 4 min read

Imagine how nice it would be to walk into your kitchen and find everything where it is supposed to be, neat and organized.  Okay, now wake up.  For most of us, this seems only a fantasy that would never become a reality in our home.

This kitchen might not be out of your reach!  Customized storage solutions can help you keep everything you need where you need it without disrupting the design or layout of your kitchen.  Check out some ingenious storage solution ideas that could take your kitchen from a messy disaster to a magnificent dream!



Creative Kitchen Storage Solutions

  • Utensil Drawers: 

    How many times do you make the long reach from the stove to the drawer for a spatula only to find a mess of utensils that includes everything BUT a spatula?  A utensil drawer placed conveniently next to the stove can solve this problem for good.  A custom pull-out drawer retrofitted with large canisters will keep all of your essential utensils neat, organized, and exactly where you need them when you need them.

  • Hidden Trash Cans: 

    No one wants to open the pantry door for a snack and be greeted by the foul smells of garbage.  Keep your trash out of sight and out of smell with a pull-out trash can drawer.  Keep it close to the sink for convenient disposal of food scraps while cooking.  Most drawers can be deep enough to house two cans and could even provide a nook for garbage bags and air fresheners to keep things smelling fresh.  This will also free up precious floor space for other more important things.

  • Rolling Cabinet: 

    Not all kitchens are blessed with enough space for an island.  A rolling cabinet, however, can serve as a pseudo-island offering prep space and a serving area but can be tucked away when not in use to save space.  Making small kitchens feel bigger is not always easy, but with a rolling cart or cabinet, you can buy back some precious counter space.

  • Kitchen Office: 

    Many rooms in our homes are multipurpose nowadays.  The kitchen is often the dumping ground for mail, school work, and electronic devices.  A countertop where spills are a daily occurrence is not always the best place for any of these things, however.  If you have a small nook, a kitchen office  can be tucked away and outfitted with shelves and organizers for all of the important papers and gadgets you get that you would rather keep clean and dry.  Keep a charging station in this spot as well so all the family’s electronic devices can be stored (and charged) together and easily found.

  • A Place For Pets: 

    When you are in a hurry in the morning the last thing you want to do is stumble over your dog’s water bowl.  Pets are important members of our families but their dishes don’t have to take up our kitchen space.  Built-in pet bowls  come in many shapes and sizes but can keep these things neatly tucked away but still accessible for pets that need them.


These are just a few ideas that can help turn your dysfunctional kitchen into a more composed symphony.  Is your kitchen past the point of functionality?  At Kitchen Kraft, we work with customers every day to turn even the most unappealing, chaotic kitchen into a true masterpiece of style, design, and function.

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