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Induction Stovetops

Oct 18, 2017 2 min read

Induction stovetops are unique in that they heat up pots and pans, without heating the stovetop itself. The burners on an induction cooktop feature a ceramic plate with an electromagnetic coil underneath. When turned on, the coil creates an electromagnetic field without generating heat by itself. It takes a stainless steel or iron pan to convert the energy to heat, a process that differs from most other cooking tops. This provides a host of benefits of its own, but is an induction stovetop right for your ideal kitchen? Let’s weigh out the pros and cons.


Benefits of Induction Stovetops

  • Since the pot itself is the heat source, the time it takes to boil water is nearly half
  • Even heat distribution reduces hotspots, preventing your food from getting scorched
  • Stovetop stays cool, fewer chances for burns, which means…
  • Safer around children
  • Food splashes don’t burn in

Drawbacks of Induction Stovetops

induction stove

  • You need the right cookware – only pans made with iron can be used, which means no copper
  • Operating noise – though light, clicks, hums or buzzing are common while the stovetop is on
  • You may need an analog thermometer as the magnetic field can interfere with digital thermometers



Are you using an induction stovetop? We would love to hear about it in the comments below.




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