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Luxury Kitchen Island

Dec 21, 2016 3 min read

The kitchen is the center of the home and should be as comfortable and reflective of your personal taste as possible. So, what better way to tackle both of these aspects than with a beautiful, luxury kitchen island?

Kitchen Islands For Cooking, Storage And Entertaining

Kitchen islands are placed at the heart of the cooking space. Gorgeous and functional, these multi-functional elements are a pinnacle of versatility, offering the most bang for your buck than any other kitchen upgrade. Some islands serve primarily as prep areas, while others house appliances, provide seating, or act as the hub for hosting events when guests and family gather at your home.

Are you more of an entertainer or are you more of a chef? Do you need seating, storage, or counter space? How about plumbing or electric for a sink, cooktop or additional appliances? These questions will help pinpoint the type of luxury kitchen island Kitchen Kraft should implement in your kitchen design.


Planning Your Luxury Kitchen Island

A luxury kitchen island will no doubt transform how your kitchen is used. While determining how much room you have and your space’s traffic pattern, there are many designs, features, and appliances to decide on — and the options are bountiful.

Luxury Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island Design:

Choose from an array of materials, colors and design finishes. Either match your kitchen’s layout and design elements or have your new island stand out as a focal point in your room with butcher block tops or a stainless steel facade.

Kitchen Island Features:

Cooking, hosting, bartending? Kitchen Kraft’s certified designers will help you select from many features to match your home and lifestyle, including types of countertop, built in cabinets, bar stool seating, sink, prep area, cooktop, dishwasher, refrigerator, ice maker, or wine cooler.


Kitchen Island Types


  • Working: see-through design, drawers, and open shelves add storage while maintaining visibility
  • Storage: counters, cabinets, and open shelves help with storing books and other utilities
  • Prep and wash: aiding in cooking, food prep, and also bartending, a corner sink can provide function while remaining conveniently out of the way for countertop work
  • Dining: casual eating and hosting family and friends
  • Cooking: plumbing and electric, a cook’s dream space, convenience, moves cook top away from wall, keeping all the action in sight
  • Combination: combine both elements of cooking and dining for the ultimate for entertaining guests: sink and cooktop for food and drink, tiered countertops to section off cooking from seating, creating a two-sided environment for ultimate convenience, appeal, and function for your family’s enjoyment.


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