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Mudroom Must-Haves

Aug 1, 2014 3 min read


Mudrooms are areas where we transition from outside to inside and have been gaining popularity in home remodeling the last few years. Many people consider the mudroom to be a hallway next to or off of the kitchen or laundry. A good mudroom location is near an entry to the outside that connects to the rest of the home. The perfect mudroom ultimately depends on the needs of the family. Not every homeowner wants their mudroom next to their laundry, but there are some options that every homeowner should consider when designing their perfect mudroom.

mudroom essentials

Cabinets and open shelving: Cabinets and open shelving are both great ways to stay organized in a small space, especially if you have multiple uses for the same room. For example, if you are storing sports equipment, yard tools, and detergent in the same space, consider going with a combination of storage options. Cabinets with doors can be used for larger items that need to be contained. Open shelving is good for items that are used every day and need to be within reach. Also, consider going up your walls for more storage space. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets can help hold and hide many items.
Cubbies and Hooks: Design with everyone in mind. Cubbies keep kids and adults organized and efficient. The mudroom is a room where you are either coming or going. A lot of activity can take place in this small space and cubbies help keep the chaos to a minimum. Hooks are great for hanging coats, backpacks, and purses. A cubby with well placed hooks will beat an overstuffed hallway closet any day.
Benches: Benches are the universal must-have for mudrooms and entryways. Benches are great for all ages. You can have additional open shelving or drawers underneath. You can also leave them open underneath for various shoes. They can be attached to other wood or cabinetry, or be detached and stand out as a design piece. Many homeowners want their mudroom to flow with the rest of the home and not have that “utility-room” look. Benches can dress up a space since they already have a sense of luxury to them. A dark wood or painted bench can give a sense of furniture to a mudroom and be a design focal point.
Easy-to-maintain flooring and walls: The best flooring options for a mudroom are tile. Porcelain tile is popular, but keep in mind that in wet weather a textured floor will prevent slips. Tile will also go over radiant heat systems, which is nice in cold weather. Linoleum and vinyl are also good flooring choices. Hardwood and laminate flooring would be susceptible to being damaged by water and salt. Walls can become covered with hand prints, dents and scratches due to the amount of activity in a mudroom. Wainscoting is more durable than drywall and can stand up to being cleaned regularly. Be sure to check and make sure your paint is an easy-to-clean finish.

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