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The Perfect Graduation Gift

May 25, 2016 5 min read

Although the school year is just wrapping up for most students, the summer months will fly by and in no time, we will be sending our kids back.  For parents of college students, especially first-time college students, the thought of sending them away can be intimidating.  With all of the uncertainty it brings, one thing is certain: college students are messy!  So, before you send your baby away to college in a few months, think about the gift that will keep on giving for years to come.




Give A Dorm Room A Dyson

Dyson has been a household name for years and a trusted brand of vacuums that are built to withstand just about anything….even a disorderly dorm room.  While your college student may not be excited to receive this gift at first, he will quickly learn the importance of a quality vacuum.


Why a Dyson?

  • They offer many different models, each with unique features.  Some are compact, others portable.  There is something to fit any need, including a tight dorm room space.
  • They offer nifty attachments.  The Flexi crevice tool, for example, could help your college student reach those pizza crumbs that might have fallen down in between the bed and the dresser.
  • They have a great warranty.  Most handheld models have a warranty of two years and some other models can have warranties of three to even five years.  That should be enough to get your student through most of the college years completely covered.
  • They really work.  The suctioning power of a Dyson is said to be far stronger than other vacuums.  It’s going to be able to stand up to the filth that your college student will put down.
  • They are a good investment.  A lot of vacuum cleaners poop out after a year or so.  Replacing a vacuum three or four times during your student’s college career could get expensive.  Investing a little more up front for a quality vacuum such as a Dyson will pay off in the end.


Mom, Do I Really Need This?

Your kid is probably not going to list the Dyson vacuum as his #1 favorite graduation gift. Yet, while he may not see the benefits at first, just wait until he understands the many reasons why it is great to have a vacuum at college.

  1. Dorm rooms are small.  A Dyson handheld vacuum won’t take up much space at all but will pack a big punch into a small package.
  2. It’s sometimes tough to use the dorm-provided vacuums.  Not all dorms even offer vacuums, but those that do are often in short supply and are bulky to transport back and forth.
  3. There are always small messes that need a quick cleanup.  A few crumbs from that midnight slice of pizza or scraps of paper from the first draft of an English paper are easily cleaned away with a handheld vacuum.
  4. Allergies can bring you down.  Dorm rooms are pent up and stuffy most of the summer, so when the school year begins many students suffer from allergies as a result. Keeping dust away is one way to eliminate a major allergen.
  5. The dorm isn’t the only place that needs cleaning.  A Dyson handheld vacuum can quickly clean up the car before a big date.



Which Vacuum Is Best?

There are many models of Dyson vacuums to choose from.  Pick wisely depending on your student’s needs.

  • The Dyson DC11 is a great compact model that is easy to store and works well in small spaces like studio apartments or dorm rooms.
  • If noise is an issue, the DC15 model is said to be quieter than some of its counterparts.  Living in a dorm room with others living below, this might be a good option to avoid neighbors banging on the ceiling begging for quiet each time your student vacuums.
  • The Dyson DC34 handheld is bagless and easy to maneuver, especially around confined spaces.  It is easy to transport as well.


You can send your college student off with a mini refrigerator, a microwave, or even a laptop. Will any of these things keep your student’s room clean and tidy for your first visit?  Start his college career off on the right foot with a cleaning tool that will keep his living space tidy.  They say we all think better when the area around us is organized.  Give your student the gift of a clear head and a clean room.  Give a Dyson!  (Be sure to send them off with lots of love and money too!)

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