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Post COVID Kitchen Trends #2: More Refrigerator and Freezer Capacity

Sep 12, 2020

Kitchen Design Trends for the Post-COVID Lifestyle

Life at home has changed dramatically during 2020. Not only are families cooking at home more, they are also purchasing more groceries at one time. Choosing a refrigerator and freezer with more capacity is a natural accommodation for this to increase your food storage volume.

Boosting Your Kitchen's Food Storage Capacity

covid kitchen storage refrigerator freezer

One thing that we have started to look at incorporating into more custom kitchens are these new sleek refrigerators and freezers. This upright freezer from [Columbus Decor]( is certainly worth a look.

Gordon Electric's Upright Freezer Column

The company boasts that “Our Freezer Column is the most advanced way to preserve food and ignite conversation. With revolutionary innovations like seamless 3DLighting™ LED rim lighting, stunning all-stainless-steel-wrapped interiors and dual icemakers with Cocktail Ice and the elegance of the Push-to-Open™ Door, you will get a glimpse of the future every time you tap open the door.”

Increase Your Long Term Storage Capacity

Increase your long term storage capacity and cut down on the trips to the grocery store! Maybe you are like us and love Sockeye Salmon grilled on a cedar plank. Perhaps you favor going to a butcher for a more bulk and wholesale approach while deep freezing and storing items for later. Larger capacity refrigerators and freezers are the perfect solution for storing food for longer durations.

Upgraded Kitchen Pantry Storage Solutions

covid kitchen storage design trends

Bulk Goods, Where to Store Them

Whole food purchases, bulk buying, stocking up on dry foods... These are all grand in allowing for better food security for your family! There are also many areas of kitchen design that [create storage]( for your pantry, dry goods, spice racks, and all the cooking utensils and tools you can fathom without compromising a clean, organized, and aesthetic appeal. Here are a couple of our favorites:
  • Roll-out trays in pantry units and base cabinets
  • Tuck away appliance garages
  • Pantry roll-out trays
  • Drawer base cabinets
  • Corner base units, turntables, and lazy Susans
  • Hidden Trash Cans

Upgrade Your Space to Make Space

It is crucial now more than ever to keep ourselves inspired and updated with solutions during these difficult times. Although many things are uncertain, upgrading the space you live in is always an improvement for your home, family, health, and well being.

Use this time to create your post-Covid dream kitchen you’ve always wanted! At Kitchen Kraft Inc. we provide the entire kitchen remodeling experience from working with you on the design, aquiring all the permits, and provideing the construction. When you're ready to invest in your home, give us a call. We provide free luxury kitchen design consultations.

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