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Post Pandemic Kitchen Design Trend #3: Spaces That Improve Overall Wellness

Oct 21, 2020

Creating an oasis that soothes the soul in the post-COVID world seems even more important. Designing with well-being in mind is not new, but it is even more crucial during these days when health is on top of everyone's mind.

Wellness and Post-COVID Kitchen Design

Post Coronavirus Kitchen Design well-being

Here at Kitchen Kraft, we drool over the [Scandinavian design]( that Muuto Furniture Lighting and Accessories offers and think that such designers have this well-being design in mind.

It is noteworthy here that Muuto just announced that they are collaborating with Google Design Studio, Reddymade Architecture and the International Arts + Mind Lab at John Hopkins University to explore the field of neuroaesthetics and “how design and the elements around us have the potential to impact our biology and well-being.”

Custom Kitchen Design For Health and Well-Being

kitchen design for wellness after coronavirus Kitchen Kraft is inspired by this concept of improving our clients' well-being just through the experience that is created in [unique, custom kitchen spaces]( How you feel inside a room becomes even more important during these difficult times.

We always aim to create a space where the lighting, artwork, textures, sounds, scents, and comfort of a space impacts our customers' well-being in the most positive ways.

Creating Your Post-COVID Dream Kitchen

It is crucial now more than ever to keep ourselves inspired and updated during these difficult times. Although many things are uncertain, improving the space you are in is always important. Now is the perfect time to create your post-Covid dream kitchen you’ve always wanted!

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