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Selecting Kitchen Hardware

Jun 29, 2016 3 min read

The devil is in the details.  When it comes to kitchens, those little devils can make a big difference between an average kitchen and an AWESOME kitchen!  Cabinetry hardware, fixtures, and accessories play an important role in tying the space together and help to create a finished, polished look in your kitchen.  Don’t just blow past these minor details…they really do matter!

Add Punch To Your Pulls

Kitchen cabinets are one of the biggest expenses in a remodeling project.  With a substantial investment in quality cabinets, why would you want to finish them with cheap knobs or, even worse, no knobs or pulls at all?

  • While big box hardware stores will have plenty of knobs and pulls, up the budget a bit on this expense and go for quality hardware purchased from a cabinetry or specialty hardware store.  Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.
  • Go for contrasting colors.  For example, pair white cabinets with bronze or copper pulls or try dark cabinets paired with nickel, chrome or stainless steel knobs.  The contrast will make both the cabinets and the hardware pop.
  •  Don’t be afraid to really bring character into your kitchen with unique cabinet hardware such as vintage painted or crystal knobs.


No More Mismatched Appliances

While it is possible to mix and match finishes in the kitchen such as lighting fixtures and faucets, you do not want to mix and match your appliances.

  • The kitchen will immediately look disheveled with mismatched appliances.
  • Pick a color, be it black, white, stainless, or other  and stick with that for all of your appliances.
  • Choosing the same manufacturer will boost the streamlined effect even more.


Keep Accessories Simple

A lot goes on in the kitchen.  There are small and large appliances, dishes, and lots of food!  There is often little space left over for accessorizing the kitchen.

  • Be sure things are simple and clean.  Keep countertops relatively free of accessories.  You’re going to need that space for more important tasks!
  • Avoid excessive accessorizing above cabinets.  Many people overload the tops of cabinets with plants and knick-knacks, which actually distracts from the beauty of the cabinets themselves.  Instead, try one beautiful plant on the counter and keep the space above cabinets open and free.
  • Bring pizazz into your kitchen with color or stunning lighting rather than a cluttered mess of decorative items.


Pulling together each individual piece when designing a kitchen can be like putting together a puzzle.  There are many decisions, some small and small large, that go into designing a dream kitchen.  That’s where we can help.

Our certified kitchen designers have the experience and expertise necessary to make each and every decision easier for you.  Let us help you put together your dream kitchen puzzle.

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