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What Sets Kitchen Kraft Designers Apart

May 18, 2016 3 min read

A kitchen remodel will only be as good as the people who are putting it together.  Taking the vision of a client from dream to reality requires knowledge, experience, and talent.  The certified kitchen designers at Kitchen Kraft possess those qualities and more, providing our customers with the absolute best of the best in kitchen design.



What Is A Certified Designer?

Being certified as a kitchen designer means several important things:

  • The individual is devoted to the craft of designing bathrooms.
  • The designer is an industry leader and expert in their field.
  • The designer meets a series of essential guidelines.


Why Do Certified Designers Need Guidelines?

Guidelines are present and necessary in every field.  Without guidelines in medicine, physicians would be able to potentially carry out unsafe procedures or give harmful medications.  Without guidelines in restaurants, we could be harmed by unsanitary food.

Guidelines in kitchen design certification are just as important because:

  • They ensure the designer is able to recognize the importance of consumer health, safety, and welfare in kitchen design.
  • They can be used as benchmarks to assess a designer’s work and allows them to be tested in core competencies related specifically to kitchen design.
  • As a consumer, you will be happy that our certified designers follow and meet these guidelines, as this leads to higher quality professionals available for your project.


Kitchen Kraft Designers remodel Columbus Ohio

Three Levels Of Certification

National Kitchen and Bath Association, or NKBA, certifications are based on written examinations and extensive industry experience. Hiring a designer with an NKBA certification lets you rest easy knowing your designer’s skills have been assessed objectively and that the designer is committed to constant improvement by participating in continuing education.

The three levels of design certification include:

  1. AKBD(c) Associate Kitchen & Bath Designer
  2. CBD(c) or CBE(c) Certified Kitchen Designer or Certified Bath Designer
  3. CMKBD(c) Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer.


Tried And Tested Designers

All NKBA certifications for Kitchen & Bath Designers require at least:

  • One year of experience within the kitchen/bath industry (kitchen/bath design, space planning, sales, project management, drafting, manufacturing, cabinet design, installation, decorative plumbing/hardware, sales, etc.).
  • One year experience in related industry.
  • 30 hours of NKBA courses in professional development or NKBA approved college coursework.
  • 2 professional affidavits.
  • AKBD academic exam.


What It Means For You 

Do you want things to just be thrown into your Kitchen and laid down, or do you want to have your Kitchen truly designed, right down to the details of the faucet in the sink?  That is what a Kitchen Kraft kitchen will be…designed meticulously by an expert certified kitchen designer.  Putting things together purposely rather than throwing things in haphazardly is the difference between a kitchen that might “look nice” and a kitchen that is truly “amazing.”

Kitchen Kraft has certified designers available to get started working for you and with you. With our expertise, education, and training and your vision and input we are certain to take your Kitchen dream to the next level.

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