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Seven Kitchen Storage Solutions

Sep 1, 2015

Many existing kitchen designs have no special cabinet storage units whatsoever. While some can get away with little to no kitchen storage (we envy those people), most will quickly find that a growing family and frequent visitors demand more than you ever imagined. Our goal here at Kitchen Kraft was to then research and share the best kitchen storage updates for kitchens of all shapes, sizes, and uses.

The top-rated kitchen storage ideas include the following:


1) Roll-out trays in pantry units and base cabinets

Kitchen Storage Solutions roll out trays
These prevent that unsuccessful far-reach to the depths of the pantry where the food is often forgotten. Roll-out pantries provide more space and give you the ease of looking for the most important products.

2) Large 3 drawer base cabinets

Kitchen Storage Solutions 3 drawer base cabinets
Large drawers are useful for larger appliances or pots you may have. They can be stored out of sight without the worry of being crushed in a tiny drawer.

3) Silverware and cutlery drawer dividers

Kitchen Storage Solutions silverware cutlery drawer dividers
Most people have seen this at some point or another, but it is still amazing to think that people go without them. Dividers look clean and prevent you from digging around in sharp tools. Not to mention, they prevent wear-and-tear on your cutlery.

4) Base vegetable bins and baskets

Kitchen Storage Solutions vegetable bins and baskets
These are a newer trend for remodelers and are growing in popularity for good reason. You avoid the potato avalanche each time a cabinet is opened and keep pets and pests away from your produce.

5) Single and double base trash bins

Kitchen Storage Solutions trash bin
This form of storage is useful because there is no more accidental tipping of the trash. Add one more to the mix and you can be sure the trash takeout will diminish significantly.

6) Spice rack storage on doors or spice and can racks

Kitchen Storage Solutions door spice rack
This is just practical. You can easily see which spices you have and can grab with ease. No more little containers taking up precious pantry space.

7) Corner base and wall units to replace blind corner cabinets, (Lazy Susan units for better function)

Kitchen Storage Solutions corner base cabinet
Corner base units are nice for the more infrequent dishes and appliances used. They keep the clutter out of sight and use space that would normally be untouched. For those of you planners out there, kitchen storage units are vital to your next remodel.

For those already in the midst of a kitchen you love, it isn’t too late to install some helpful elements. Take some of these suggestions, do a bit of research and come talk to us over at Kitchen Kraft Inc. Our contractors are on hand for a free consultation.

By Sandy Beyer, Senior Designer for Kitchen Kraft Inc.

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