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Splash Some Style Into Your Kitchen With A Backsplash!

Feb 2, 2016 4 min read

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then shouldn’t it also have the most personality and character?  An easy (and often times relatively inexpensive) way to add a ton of character and charm to a kitchen is through a backsplash.  While many homeowners are opting to go it alone and do a weekend DIY project to add a backsplash, a Kitchen Kraft custom kitchen will feature a backsplash that is anything but DIY.



Splash Into These Backsplash Trends

  1. Go big or go home—What once was limited to just a foot or two above the countertop, the backsplash has gone big and can now extend all the way to the ceiling. Why not fill up dead space above cabinets with a continuation of your fantastic backsplash instead of boring drywall and paint?
  2. Mix it up—A backsplash pattern does not have to be straight across. In fact, it adds much more of a design element to mix up the pattern and try something unique such as a herringbone or diagonal pattern.  Furthermore, you can even combine a variety of patterns to add even more visual interest like combining vertical and horizontal patterns.
  3. Hide the outlet—No one wants to spend time and money on a work of art backsplash only to have it disrupted by eyesore electrical outlets. Try instead to mount electrical outlets under the cabinets to keep them hidden and to keep the integrity of your backsplash.
  4. Go au’ natural—Since white cabinetry is so popular these days, many homeowners are opting for a stark contrasting backsplash made of natural material such as wood. The color contrast between the two is stunning and adds definite character.  Afraid of wood?  There are many wood-look options now including tile that will achieve the same look with more durability.
  5. Make it simple—Backsplashes of the past were busy with lots of colorful tiles and painted glass. Those days are gone.  Keeping things simple and having surfaces that are clean and reflect light will go a lot farther than will a hectic array of colors.

Your Backsplash Does Not Have To Be Tile!

Splash Some Style Into Your Kitchen With A Backsplash

There are countless options for backsplash materials these days, each with their own appeal and benefits.  Modern homeowners may enjoy a stainless steel backsplash that offers a high-end look to complement clean, shiny surfaces elsewhere in the kitchen.  A more traditional homeowner may prefer the look and feel of a brick or natural stone backsplash.  This look tends to warm the space and make it feel rustic and inviting.  Another intriguing idea that many families may embrace is a backsplash made from chalkboard paint.  While this casual look may not appeal to all, it certainly can be a statement piece in a kitchen.  Of course, you CAN always stick with a traditional tile backsplash as well.  Anything is better than a boring piece of painted drywall.


A backsplash can really help to tie a kitchen design together and allows the homeowner to add their own individuality.  A Kitchen Kraft custom kitchen features the highest quality materials and the best design elements available.  We would love to work with you to design a space that flatters your family’s style and will have you splashing head first into the kitchen of your dreams.

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