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Storage Solutions For Your Kitchen

Mar 23, 2016 4 min read

Most of us start our days in the kitchen.  It is where we fuel our minds for the days’ work ahead.  Some of the best ideas are created in the kitchen.  That is why it is so important that your kitchen is organized, clutter-free, and efficient.  Custom kitchen storage will help your kitchen to be just that.   Keep your kitchen clutter – free and let your style show with some of these simple storage solutions:




Not all utensils are created equal.  Therefore, they should not all be stored together.  Keep like utensils together and in separate drawers from others to avoid rummaging through every time you are in need of a spatula.  Think about keeping the drawer next to your stove reserved for just those utensils that you use while cooking.  Have a separate drawer for serving utensils and possibly even another for gadgets like bottle openers or meat thermometers.  Also, outfit drawers with dividers to give each item a proper place that is organized and easy to access.


Storage Solutions For Your Kitchen


If your pantry is like most, it is full of mysterious cans, expired food, and a few stale chips in the back corner.  The first steps to an organized pantry?

• Take inventory of everything you have

• Purge the unwanted items

• Separate the rest into “used daily” or “used infrequently.”


Refill your pantry smartly by organizing like items together.  For example, put baking items together, breakfast items together, snacks together, and so forth.  Invest in see-through containers as well to store items and make them easily visible.  It’s best to keep the items you use the most at eye level and store heavier items on the bottom.  Have kids?  Try having a “kid zone” that houses the snacks that they are permitted to eat in easy reach for their little arms to avoid them rifling through all of the shelves.


Trays/Baking Sheets

Heavy, awkward baking trays, cutting boards, and cooling racks do not stack easily and are often difficult to store due to odd and varied shapes and sizes.  Add wire rack dividers to a drawer or cabinet to keep these items neatly filed and ready for use.  If you are in the process of designing a kitchen, consider adding a pull-out drawer near the stove specifically designed to store these items neatly.


Appliancesappliance Storage Solutions For Your Kitchen

Just like electronics have taken over our homes, so too have kitchen appliances in our kitchens.  You just had to have that quesadilla maker, and how could you live without your juicer or your waffle iron?  The problem now is where to store all of these great appliances.  Some super functional kitchens are now being retrofitted with an “appliance garage” to store all of these small gadgets in one convenient location, tucked neatly away.  If your kitchen is not fortunate enough to have a garage, consider pull-out shelves in cabinets that allow easy access to these appliances while keeping your countertops clutter-free and clean.


Get Started On Getting Organized Today!

These kitchen storage solutions will help to bring a sense of Zen to your kitchen.  Which of these storage solutions intrigues you in a new kitchen renovation? We would love to work with you to create a kitchen that is not only functional and organized but stunningly beautiful as well.

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