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Stovetop Pot Filler Faucet

Sep 6, 2017 2 min read

There are several available upgrades for your kitchen that, once you know about them, you can not live without. These final touches of form and function add to your kitchen remodel in many beautiful manners, but one of the most luxurious additions you can add to your kitchen is a behind-the-stove pot filler faucet.

Stovetop Faucets

pot filler faucet

Typically placed on a stove’s backsplash or the back of your kitchen’s countertop, the pot filler faucet’s swivel design allows the spout to reach across the stove top while tucking away neatly against your kitchen’s wall or your stovetop’s backsplash.

Choice Selection of Materials and Colors

With a selection of materials and finishes, pot filler faucets not only add convenience but also provide an elegant, decorative element, that fits right in with the rest of your kitchen’s design.

Luxury IS Convenience and Beauty

How many times have you had to carry a heavy pot of water across the kitchen? Installed directly at the stovetop, these beautiful, extending faucets allow you to fill your cooking pots or kettles right at the stovetop, itself. Eliminate any hazards or accidents while upgrading your kitchen’s design with a luxurious pot filler faucet


View a nice collection of the many styles of behind the stove Italian pot filler faucets: 


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