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Top 25 Residential Remodelers

Jul 1, 2014 2 min read

Upon learning that Kitchen Kraft was listed as one of the Top Residential Remodelers in Columbus Business First Magazine we took note of the word residential.  We also noticed the words remodeler and top, but residential stood out.  We thought, what makes a residence a home?  The answer is simple, memories.  If there were no memories homeowners would just move, not remodel.  Ironically, remodeling is a good way to banish bad memories of un-functional or cramped spaces.  Remodeling allows the homeowner to keep his/her memories and build new ones.

We thought about our design team, who works with clients to design a kitchen that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.  Homeowners usually have two types of memories they want to create; the everyday and the entertaining.  The everyday usually drives a functional space request so clients can spend more time with their family instead of re-arranging pots.  The entertaining memory desire usually results in the “open concept” request.  Homeowners want to cook and see their guests at the same time.  Most homeowners ask for a combination of functional and open concept.

We also thought about our production team, who strive to provide each homeowner with a good remodeling experience.  Remodeling is stressful, and things will go wrong. We are fortunate to have a team who is dedicated to finding solutions and working through them with the homeowner.  We are aware that what sets our team apart is that they work on each homeowners home as if it was their own home.

Kitchen Kraft has made the list of Top Residential Remodelers in Columbus Business First since 2003. We are proud of that record and of our team who makes it possible.  To learn more about our process check out our About Us page or give us a call at 614-449-7200.

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