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Top 5 Ideas To Add Rhythm To Your Room

Aug 3, 2016 2 min read

Adding rhythm to your room is adding value to your home. Rhythm is a key design principle that encourages our eyes to move around a room in an organized way. When used well, it brings an underlying unity and sense of variety to our spaces. Rhythm can be thought of as a pattern in movement. It can also be seen heard and felt. Rhythm can be shown in nature and in our architectural environment through repetition, alternation, and progression. These methods of achieving rhythm can be applied to interior spaces as a way to introduce order, interest, and focus, and to help lead your eye through a room.

add rhythm to your room repetitionRepetition

Rhythm with repetition is based on similar lines, shapes, forms, textures, colors or patterns throughout an interior. This technique gives a room a clear sense of stability and cohesiveness.


Gradientadd rhythm to your room gradient

With gradient the size of the same objects in room changes from small to large, or a color from light to dark, creating a subtle rhythm that draws the eye up and down the gradation line.




add rhythm to your room transitionTransition

Rhythm through transition subtly leads the eye gently in a continuous, uninterrupted flow from one area to another.


 Contrastadd rhythm to your room contrast

When a shape or color directly opposes another, it creates contrast — another form of rhythm.




Radiationadd rhythm to your room radiate

With rhythm through radiation, design elements are balanced and repeated around a centerpiece.





Rhythm is all about repetition of design elements that help to create movement within a space. Rhythm may be applied in bold statements that make an obvious suggestion about a path of travel, or more subtly applied to move your eye about a space without you even realizing the rhythm is there.

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