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Utilizing Grabill Cabinets in a Westerville, Ohio Home

Oct 8, 2014 2 min read

Kitchen design and custom cabinets require trust between the client and the designer.  This Westerville, Ohio client owned several other homes and knew that better cabinets existed.  He also knew he wanted kitchen cabinets that were “furniture quality” and more storage.  Jim Deen of Kitchen Kraft worked on this client’s kitchen remodel.  Deen recalled that, “The current space had potential to be amazing.”  Deen earned the client’s trust by showing him the potential with Grabill Cabinets.

KK custom cabinets

The current kitchen cabinets were stained wood and featured an angled island with seating, and there was a wall next to the kitchen where additional cabinets could be placed.  Deen worked up a design which replaced the perimeter cabinets with painted cabinets and a stained island.  The island had more storage than the prior one and was one height leaving more prep-space.  Deen also added a beverage area to the empty wall.

The client chose Grabill’s LeMitre door.  This custom door is carved from one piece of wood.  The perimeter cabinets are maple and were had rubbed with steel wool.  The island was also made out of one piece of wood giving a seamless look that cannot be matched.  Deen also designed appliance panels in the same door style giving the perimeter cabinets a seamless look.

The client was so impressed with the quality in his kitchen that he has asked Kitchen Kraft to remodel his master bathroom.

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