Kitchen Kraft Has Been Honored with Qualified Remodeler’s Top 500!

As an experienced remodeling company, you cross many mile markers as you grow and reach accomplishments over the years. Considering how vast the home improvement industry is throughout the country, it’s nice to see how you stack up against its largest remodelers and home builders. That’s where the Qualified Remodeler Top 500 from Qualified Remodeler Magazine, comes in.

What is Qualified Remodeler Magazine?

Qualified Remodeler Magazine is a trusted resource for the home improvement and remodeling industry. Since 1975, Qualified Remodeler has released publications serving residential remodelers across the U.S.

For the past…

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Finding The Best Skilled Labor Job Boards

With countless high-budget construction projects going on across the country, construction jobs have been seeing billions of dollars in growth over each year. With the ongoing boom in construction and remodeling, skilled workers remain in high demand.

The High Demand For Skilled Labor

In the largest talent shortage survey of its kind, research by the global staffing firm, Manpower Group has revealed that these vacancies in skilled trades have been the hardest jobs to fill in the entire country.

Skilled trades such as electricians, carpenters, plasterers, plumbers, and more have remained at the #1 position since 2010. Top notch remodeling…

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Manufacturer Spotlight: Dura Supreme Cabinetry

If your home is like any other in the western world, the space that is your kitchen and dining area is without a doubt your homestead’s epicenter of all the things familial and social.

When you think about your home’s daily ongoings, you can see that this kitchen and dining space should fit like a glove and cater to all your family’s particular needs, lifestyle, and aesthetic.

Building Material Quality And Craftsmanship

Updating and remodeling your home is the perfect time to address and accommodate your family’s needs. When crafting these details, it certainly helps to have a wide selection…

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Kitchen Kraft Remodel Revitalizes German Village Home

“The kitchen was outdated,” says Terry Bigham, owner of a home in the German Village area of Columbus that was built in 1918. “I think it was remodeled maybe 20 years ago. The appliances were outdated. The cabinets had been painted over. There was a small sitting area that really was not usable.”

With those thoughts in mind, a massive makeover was planned for the kitchen and an adjoining space in his home.

“The goal was to update everything, but still try to keep it very much in line with the…

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A Full-Service Remodeling Concierge: The Kitchen Kraft Experience

What comes to mind when picturing the ideal remodeling experience? The luxury home remodel of your dreams should be tailored to your lifestyle and needs, all with a process that is as seamless, smooth, and stress-free as it can be.

Each step boasts a plethora of detail and great requirements of skill and expertise, but wouldn’t it be nice if the entire process could be executed and managed by a single company? A sort of full-service remodeling concierge, if you will…

That’s where Kitchen Kraft comes in!

A Full-Process Home Makeover Company Dedicated Remodeling Showroom…

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A Kitchen Remodel Custom Tailored To The Homeowner

custom made kitchen design remodel

When it comes to accomplishing the perfect kitchen remodel, the new design and build should not only win a homeowner over with your own preferred style but should be custom tailored their family’s particular needs and lifestyle.

Kitchen Kraft works closely with the homeowner and leaves no stone unturned in crafting the perfect kitchen design to address your home’s every aesthetic and need. Starting with the homeowner’s wants, Kitchen Kraft also identifies existing structural or technical obstacles, then accommodates all things form and function for an immaculate interior design that is…

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Apron Front Sinks

Apron Front Sink

Stylish, larger, wider, better on your back… These are just some of the ways to describe a unique kitchen design element that has been around for quite a while but has been enjoying quite a popularity surge over the last few years. Enter: the stylish, historic (and highly useful!) apron front sink.

What Are Apron Front Sinks?

Also known as a farmhouse sink, an apron front sink has the unique distinction of an exposed front facade. This deeper, spacious sink sets right into a kitchen countertop, but with its front typically extending past the exterior…

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Holiday Kitchens’ Coffee Table Book


One of the best tidbits of advice we can give about making your dream kitchen a reality is to really take the time to think about your design. The kitchen is the most multi-faceted and, if successful, accommodating room in a home, serving a plethora of purpose, function, and beauty. The grand design doesn’t come all at once for a homeowner and discovering the many needs your perfect kitchen should fulfill takes time and inspiration from many sources and comes in many forms. One of the best sources for…

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360-Degree Virtual Kitchen Design

In a recent blog, we discussed how our virtual kitchen design renderings allow you to fully visualize the intricate details of your kitchen’s design layout before fully committing to the build. Kitchen Kraft understands this importance when deciding the details of your dream home. That’s why we’re here to tell you how Kitchen Kraft takes this visualization a step further with their 360-Degree Virtual Kitchen Design software.



A Virtual Walkthrough of Your Kitchen’s Design


This 3-D kitchen design visualization is like a virtual reality tour of your kitchen’s current design selections, allowing you to not…

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Induction Stovetops

Induction stovetops are unique in that they heat up pots and pans, without heating the stovetop itself. The burners on an induction cooktop feature a ceramic plate with an electromagnetic coil underneath. When turned on, the coil creates an electromagnetic field without generating heat by itself. It takes a stainless steel or iron pan to convert the energy to heat, a process that differs from most other cooking tops. This provides a host of benefits of its own, but is an induction stovetop right for your ideal kitchen? Let’s weigh out…

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