Kitchen Kraft Interior Designer Tyler Swartzmiller

Creating the perfect luxury kitchen and bath requires many levels of skill. Excellent customer service, an eye for color and lighting, staying up to date on technology and industry trends, knowledge of materials, thorough first-hand experience in the build…  For a top interior designer, It takes a list of ever-evolving expertise to maintain this master level but there are a few that do so. Case in point: Kitchen Kraft’s new designer, Tyler Swartzmiller.

A True Top Designer For Kitchen and Bath


Starting in the building industry with his family’s…

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360-Degree Virtual Kitchen Design

In a recent blog, we discussed how our virtual kitchen design renderings allow you to fully visualize the intricate details of your kitchen’s design layout before fully committing to the build. Kitchen Kraft understands this importance when deciding the details of your dream home. That’s why we’re here to tell you how Kitchen Kraft takes this visualization a step further with their 360-Degree Virtual Kitchen Design software.



A Virtual Walkthrough of Your Kitchen’s Design


This 3-D kitchen design visualization is like a virtual reality tour of your kitchen’s current design selections, allowing you to not…

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Induction Stovetops

Induction stovetops are unique in that they heat up pots and pans, without heating the stovetop itself. The burners on an induction cooktop feature a ceramic plate with an electromagnetic coil underneath. When turned on, the coil creates an electromagnetic field without generating heat by itself. It takes a stainless steel or iron pan to convert the energy to heat, a process that differs from most other cooking tops. This provides a host of benefits of its own, but is an induction stovetop right for your ideal kitchen? Let’s weigh out…

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Manufacturer Spotlight: Grabill Cabinets

When it comes to designing your home’s luxury kitchen remodel, you deserve the very best products with the highest quality available. Your kitchen’s custom cabinetry should not only be the perfect look and fit for your dream home but a shining testament to these high standards.


That’s why Kitchen Kraft is proud to have Grabill Cabinets as a custom cabinetry supplier: Amish craftsmanship yielding a truly stunning piece of furniture that is built to last.


Grabill Cabinets: A Virtually Indestructible Product

With attention to every facet of construction, Grabill Cabinets ensures a product that is of the highest quality…

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Manufacturer Spotlight: Holiday Kitchens Custom Cabinetry Process

Custom cabinets are the cornerstone of a luxury kitchen design and remodel. With a seemingly endless selection of cabinet door styles, materials, types of wood, finish, and hardware, custom cabinets showcase the craftsmanship and attention to detail that sets the bar for the rest of your kitchen’s design process.


Kitchen Kraft is proud to have Holiday Kitchens as a custom cabinetry supplier; one of the largest custom cabinet manufacturers in the USA.


Holiday Kitchens Cabinetry: Dedication to Quality, Detail, and Craftsmanship

With over 70 years of expert experience under their belt, Holiday Kitchens’ mission, values, and…

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Stovetop Pot Filler Faucet

There are several available upgrades for your kitchen that, once you know about them, you can not live without. These final touches of form and function add to your kitchen remodel in many beautiful manners, but one of the most luxurious additions you can add to your kitchen is a behind-the-stove pot filler faucet.

Stovetop Faucets

Typically placed on a stove’s backsplash or the back of your kitchen’s countertop, the pot filler faucet’s swivel design allows the spout to reach across the stove top while tucking away neatly against your kitchen’s wall or your stovetop’s backsplash.

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Virtual Design Renderings for Luxury Kitchen and Bath Remodeling


How do you picture the kitchen or bath of your dreams? Polished wood cabinets where that blank wall currently is? A kitchen island just off center of the room? Kitchen Kraft’s certified designers are the best of the best at helping you realize your dream home’s design; we understand the need of actually seeing the design before diving into the remodeling project. That’s where Kitchen Kraft’s virtual design renderings come in – Now featuring 360° virtual walkthroughs!

Virtual Design Renderings of Your Remodel

While our top designers and staff work with you in developing your kitchen’s…

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Recommend A Columbus House Cleaning Company

Here at Kitchen Kraft, we design & build the best luxury kitchens custom to you, but who keeps them in their clean, beautiful condition for you throughout the year?

Kitchen Kraft is looking to highlight the true heroes of the luxury kitchen: the professional housekeeping and cleaning crews in Columbus who make your kitchen new again in just an afternoon. They are just as important to the longevity of your kitchen as they are its aesthetic.

Recommend a Columbus cleaning company with our form:


Fill out my online form.…

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A Luxury Hands-Free Kitchen

Whether you’re simply looking for convenience or helping keep your home clean, motion sensing technology in the kitchen is elegant and comes in super-handy while preparing dinner, doing dishes, or merely sitting at the table. Less touching also means less chance of spreading germs and bacteria, which is great for the whole family — especially in the notoriously most-used room of your home. Many kitchen gadgets are moving toward being simply controlled by motion or voice for a luxurious, hands-free kitchen.



Touchless Faucets

It doesn’t make sense to clean one…

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3 Design Elements For Concealed Kitchen Appliances

Appliances are without a doubt what makes a kitchen functional, in its truly intended form. Each one can even be visually appealing. However, combined with all the other items in your room, they can outright hamper the space, both physically and visually. What can be done about all these elements cluttering up the aesthetic? For the perfect luxury kitchen answer, we give you: Concealed Kitchen Appliances!



Built-In Appliances

One handsome solution is with built-in appliances, having your appliances set flush inside the wall or within a kitchen island. This can…

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