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More Mudroom Must-Haves

Sep 8, 2014 2 min read


Mudrooms offer a transitional space in the home to alleviate clutter and dirt from entering the home. They are becoming more popular and are a great addition to any home. We wrote a blog on this topic, before, but as they increase in popularity we realized we needed to give our readers more tips. Here are a few more mudroom must-haves for your home:

Go Vertical for Storage: Mudrooms are typically a small space with big demands. Storage for a wide range of items is usually needed (such as sports equipment, and gardening tools). One way to maximize storage is to look up. Tall cabinets and pantry cabinets can help address multiple storage obstacles and help keep a small space tidy.

Double-Up on the Functionality: Not all mudrooms are created equal, so consider combining spaces for day-to-day efficiency. If you are lacking in the hallway closet consider hooks for coats. In wet weather this saves a water trail to another area of the home. A charging station in the mudroom means more counter space in the kitchen. No shed, no problem. Tall storage can hold gardening tools, gloves, hats, seeds and pots.

Account For Pets: The mudroom above features a doggy shower which is another up-and-coming trend in mudrooms. Having an easy to maintain floor such as tile, linoleum and vinyl is better for cleaning up after our four-legged friends. Also, be sure to select beadboard wainscoting or tile for your walls if housing a furry friend.

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